How do I connect game consoles, TVs and other smart devices to the the WiFi?

Devices such as game consoles, smart TVs, streaming devices etc do not support signing in on the wireless network SUNY-Plattsburgh because they do not support 802.1x authentication. These devices must have their wireless MAC address registered with our system then connected to the SUNY-Registered-BYOD network.

If you are trying to connect a device such as a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet, please see the article How do I connect a Personal Device to the WiFi?

MAC Address

A MAC address is a unique identifier that every network device possesses, many devices may even have more than one MAC if they have wireless and Ethernet connections.  When registering a device be sure to obtain the wireless MAC sometimes listed as 'WLAN'. MAC addresses are six pairs of characters ,0-9 and A-F, often separated by a colon or a dash, below are some examples of how a MAC might look like for a device:

  • D8-D3-85-EB-12-E3
  • d8:d3:81:eb:12:c3
Registering Your Device

Once you have the wireless MAC address for your device you will register it on our Wireless Device Self Registration System

  1. Sign in with your regular school credentials.
  2. Under 'Devices' along the left click 'Create Device'.
  3. Enter a name for your device, choose anything that you like as it is only for identifying the device.
  4. Enter the wireless MAC address.
  5. If this is a device you would like others to connect to(Google cast, app control etc) you can enter their NetID in the 'Shared With' section.
  6. When done click 'Create Device'.
  7. Once your device is registered you can connect it to the 'SUNY-Registered-BYOD' network.
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