Omni CMS / Website Technical Request

Use this service to request technical or programming assistance with the Omni content management system or to report technical problems and errors with the main campus website. You can also use this service for reporting Accessibility issues with a webpage on the main campus website, or other web property owned by the campus and we will forward it to the campus accessibility officer.

Please note, this service is NOT for content changes or to request new pages or modifications to existing web pages for the main website. Those inquiries should be addressed through the Marketing department. Please see the following request form on the Marketing web page for those instances:

Request Programming Omni Access Request Accessibility Issues


Service ID: 443
Tue 8/23/22 12:11 AM
Wed 11/15/23 2:38 PM

Service Offerings (3)

Request HTML, CSS, JS Programming or Code Fixes
Use this service to request technical assistance with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript for a new or existing webpage. These requests should come from the Marketing department, or be entered after approval from the Marketing department.
Request OmniUpdate Access and Security Changes
Use this service to request access or security changes within the main campus website content management system, Omni.
Main Campus Website or Other Web Property Accessibility Issues
Use this service offering to report Accessibility issues within the main campus website, or other campus web property.