Yuja Video Service FAQ

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Who can use Yuja?

Yuja is available for Faculty and Staff to record and store videos and for students to log in and view video streams, channels, and more. 

How do I log in?

You can log in via the portal or by visiting https://plattsburgh.video.yuja.com directly. The system uses our campus SSO that you are already familiar with. 

Can I record to Yuja from Zoom?

Yes! Videos that are recorded in Zoom are automatically sent to a "My Zoom Recordings" in your main "My Media" area in Yuja. You will first get a notification from Zoom indicating your recording is complete and available on the Zoom cloud. Then, once your video has been received and processed by Yuja you will get a second notification indicating so. These processes take time to run, so it may be a couple hours before your videos are fully processed, depending on length of the video. 

Do I have to use zoom to record or can I use Yuja itself?

No! Yuja has its own video recording software that you can use to create videos if you simply want to do a lecture capture or other non-live video. 

Where can I find addition resources about using Yuja?

In the attachments area on the right of this article you will see two handouts put together by Technology Enhanced Learning labelled "An Introduction to Yuja Enterprise Video Platform" and "Yuja Basics". Additionally, there is a lot of help information put together by on Yuja's own help website:

How do I get help?

Teaching Faculty who want to use Yuja in their classes and connect their materials to Brightspace can contact Technology Enhanced Learning for assistance with this. Just click "Request Assistance" on the request page and fill out your request details. 

Other Faculty / Staff as well as Students who have questions regarding using Yuja can contact our Helpdesk. Simply click "Request Assistance" and fill out the information regarding your request and a member of our staff will get back to you. 



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